Koḻumpiluḷḷa school student s’ education to improve in and he’s exclusive class naṭāttuvataṟkuriya place to Sri Lanka Muslim Congress leadership yakamāṉa darussalam. Thanks for taking the pleasure, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress leader and amaiccarumāṉa rauff hakeem hysteria.

Today Wednesday (11) Colombo Philip Gunawardena Sports ground the slave street starting school students learning equipment presents event in prime atitiyāka going yāṟṟukaiyilēyē text with them for that.

There text keep in minister rauff hakeem and says koḻumpiluḷḷa, some of the school of basic facilities without running away. In this school kaṟkiṉṟa students in exam have is to get to their mall they do to help before asking you to come to them.

Top Provincial Council Muslim Congress member arsāt nisāmtīṉ and Colombo Municipal Council former member m. I. M. Anas and a ṅkiṇaippil this held in 5,000 students learning equipment slave street other ̔īmiyar league (s. I. B. L. It) have been given.

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