Track Thirukovil Pradesh in the section to see vaṭṭamaṭu agriculture in farmers ̔aiyāḷarkaḷu farm for the in between from the see the issues related to explore sri lanka muslim congress national head following amaiccarumāṉa rauff Hakeem LED Panel Yesterday (07 ) direct vijayamoṉṟai vaṭṭamaṭu a problem with the farmers are going in touch raiyāṭiṉar.

When this east state health minister a. L. Nasīr, Parliament member m. I. M. Manzoor, Eastern Provincial Council member of Arif Camcutīṉ, a. L. Christian and I. L. M. Māhir Many Council, including and up to the nutrition ̔Iratē Minister Rauf Hakkīmuṭaṉ were gone.


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